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Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Nashville Parthenon

Owen Ashworth (Casiotone for the Painfully Alone) explains:
“…about cruising for gay sex at the Parthenon in Nashville. I went to The Parthenon and I just decided that it would be the best – I don’t know anything about Tennesee gay culture – but if I was gay in Tennessee, this is where I would go to have anonymous sex. It’s the fucking Parthenon! It would make so much sense.”

If you ever make it back to Nashville
Remember you have still got a friend
I'll meet you at the Parthenon
That's the place we always went

It's been so dull since you left Nashville
I've read the same books again & again
It makes me wish I wasn't bashful
When it comes to other men

But if I could have my way
Darling you'd come home

Remember when you moved to Nashville
& the first time that we kissed
Remember when your mother found us
Remember that you're sorely missed

& when you make it back to Nashville
We'll forget all of your sins
& I still buy two pairs of everything
So when you come home you & I'll be twins

Because if I could have my way
I wouldn't be alone

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the material boy

Title : The Material Boy

Direction: Luizo Vega

Country: France 2015

Duration: 80'

An Italo-American teenager girl with a Catholic family background in Michigan is getting pregnant. To avoid both a scandal and and abortion, she gives secretly childbirth to a boy in hospital, run by nuns. They establish a false identity and have him brought up in Argentina. This boy discovers at the age of 18, who his biological mother is: Madonna Ciccone, who became meanwhile an iconic megastar in worldwide pop-culture.

The protagonist undertakes a long-life campaign to make himself known to his mother. The inner world of a homeless outlaw, who is in perpetual conflict with himself and with institutional and political establishments, is expressed in music, lyrics, performances & documental images.


Luizo Vega, Madonna, Bruce LaBruce, Fernanda Flores, Alicia iris, Pedro Sabat

Guest Stars: Rossy de Palma, Pierre et Gilles, Tony Ward, Milton Rovetto, Angel Diaz, Alaska, Pedro Almodovar, Jean Paul Gaultier, Maria Forque, Susanne Sachsse, Maria Ivanenko, Maria J Punk, Elsa Dik, Macareno Pizarro, Aldo del Balzo, Peter Molson, Zuzane Dietrich, Nayla Sanz, Antonio Banderas, Sara Loeh, Pablo Rivero, Paul Key, Ana Ventura, Taxy Girl, Mariam Gines, Sofia Astorga, Nicolas Lares, Manuel Bandera & Pepito Vega

Idea & Direction:

Luizo Vega


Ciccone Yout (aka Sonic Youth)


Juan Paso


David Yelinek


Ian G. Marshall




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photos of vincent minor

He is hot, he is musician and he is photographer - Vincent Minor



Late 20's dirty single homo. Hairy, a bit ugly, probably gonna use this blog for venting and moaning and getting my dick out for shits and giggles.

For more please visit mikejay.tumblr.com

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i want your live and in their room berlin

Movies by Travis Mathews: I Want Your Love and In Their Room Berlin now at NAKED SWORD

I Want Your Love:

Few films have captured the reality of gay life -- and gay sex -- like "I Want Your Love." The film follows one man (Jesse Metzger) during his last weekend in San Francisco, as he comes to terms with the city he loves, and friends he's leaving behind. Hailed by critics for both its eloquence and its explicitness, director Travis Matthews' debut feature marks him as an astounding new voice in queer cinema.

In Their Room - Berlin:

Studio: NakedSword

Directors: Travis Mathews

Production Date: 2/1/2013

Models: Luc, Toby

After the success of his In Their Room short film series, director Travis Mathews set out to expand the concept to a feature-length: Taking place during the course of one day and filmed in Mathews' trademark quasi-narrative documentary style, In Their Room - Berlin explores the sex lives of seven gay Berliners as each search for intimacy -- sexual or otherwise-- in very different ways.